Off - Balance  
Choreography: Sylva Šafková 
Music: Hauschka (What If) 
Dancers: Veronika Kornova- Cardizzaro, Tyrel Larson 
Length: 18 min 
Premiere: 2.6.2017 Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim 

In classical mechanics we talk about balance (equilibrium) of a body, if the net force on that body is zero. There is a stable, unstable and indifferent equilibrium. In stable equilibrium the body, if displaced from the equilibrium tends to restore the equilibrium (balance) and its potential energy is at local minimum. This is often represented by a ball in a hole. An unstable equilibrium means that the body if displaced from the equilibrium tends to move even farther away, which corresponds e.g. to a ball on a hill rolling down. The potential energy of the body in unstable equilibrium is at local maximum. The indifferent equilibrium represents a situation, when the body if displaced, will still remain in equilibrium as a ball on a flat surface.  
In real life we often regard balance as ideal. We search for balance between work and leisure, between altruism and egoism as well as for balance in human relationships. Also a necessary compromise is nothing else but balance between opposed forces enabling from both sides acceptable solution. It is interesting to think, which of these real live balances is stable, which is unstable and which is indifferent from both the potential energy and the tendency of self-restoration point of view. 

Dancing can look in both conceptions of balance – the mechanical and the real life one. Mechanical balance is obvious, to be good dancer, you will always have to deal with balance of your body in various figures and movements. But dance is also a form of performing art and as such it can look into human emotions and tell stories. 
The piece Off-Balance looks into balance and off-balance from various perspectives. It tries to avoid common figures and movements and tries to find means of expression in various unstable positions. Getting your body off-balance can release energy, which initiates, forms and give sense to the continuing movement. At the same time, Off-Balance analysis balance in partner relationships – mutual support, but also control and submission, which may be seen in real life as an off-balance situation, but still have to form balance in the dance mechanics. From a another perspective of offbalance examination, the piece Off-Balance uses as esthetic element but also as a means of expression the decomposition of light to basic colors, which forms colorful shadows and shows that the stage of balance may actually hide things, which will only be revealed once the balance is breached and the forces get off-balance.